Fats : the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The human body needs fats for:

  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Cell wall integrity {permeability}
  • Production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins

Nutty, about Fats? ……. walnuts are great sources of Omega 3’s so any Salad, can be enhanced with some chopped walnuts .

Here are some “good-fat” recipes


Avocado Smoothie

Dressings without Oils:  Creamy Style and Traditional

Ed’s Amazing & EASY Veggie Salad



Susan-Cambell-Health-Coach-Smoothie-Avocado-Fats-Recipe Susan-Cambell-Health-Coach-Dressing-Without-Oil-FatsSusan-Cambell-Health-Coach-Easy-Veggie-Salad-No-Fats