Susan Campbell-Fournel Shares her Journey to Joy in her Book Joy – Recipes for Abundance

I am sharing wonderful news with you today!

I’m very excited to announce that I have participated in the making of this wonderful book. Twenty-five inspiring, entrepreneurial women share their recipes for joy and abundance through tales of overcoming, determination and gratitude. I can’t wait for you to read their STORIES and MINE.

It will be launched on February 2nd! I am featured with an amazing group of women to inspire and share our journey to good health and success. Sign up for the launch here!

Register here for the virtual lauch

Twenty-five inspiring, entrepreneurial women will be launching a book called Joy – Recipes for Abundance sharing their recipes for joy and abundance through tales of overcoming, determination and gratitude. 

Joy – Recipes for Abundance, published by Reach for Greatness Ltd. is the second in a series of four books and offers inspiring, genuine ideas for all women to awaken to joy.

This rich collection of stories goes from nutrition, travel and community to spiritual practice, compassion and self-realization. All of these women reveal their unique recipes for creating a joyful and abundant life, available to each of us.

Joy is an inner force that we must be proactive in nurturing. It is an internal resource that we can call upon to connect to the outer world.” 

— Susan Campbell-Fournel from Joy – Recipes for Abundance

Through these joyful narratives, you will discover how to:

  1. Nourish joy through the grips of adversity.
  2. Stir up opportunities for joy in the small, everydayness of life.
    Create a strong and lasting foundation to keep bringing more of it into your life.
  3. Share the sweet taste of joy with the world and those around you.
  4. Become inspired to create your own recipes for joyful abundance.

Many other tips and tricks are featured in Joy – Recipes for Abundance to help you upgrade your day-to-day life. The book will be launched on February 2nd at 7 pm GMT. Register here! Don’t miss it!

Susan Campbell-Fournel, nutrition consultant and coach, is a former school psychologist, counsellor and college professor with a Master’s degree in educational psychology from McGill University. Susan, a certified health educator and coach, became interested in nutrition and its impact on performance and achievement while working with children, young athletes and adults.

Public speaker and workshop leader, Susan is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and realize their purpose in life through a balance of nutritional awareness and mental focus. Susan incorporates the Juice Plus products into the nutritional plans for her clients, which enables them to “bridge the gap” between what they eat and what they need to eat to achieve optimal health for a sustainable lifestyle.